July 25, 2012

Planning a Classroom Visit

Let’s Talk Science events and classroom visits are free, with all costs covered by our organization.

If you are interested in having Let’s Talk Science volunteers visit your classroom, follow these simple steps:

1) Take a moment to browse through the list of some featured activities (see the Hands-on Activities page) we have prepared and ready to go for the specific age group of your classroom. If you have a specific area of science that you want us to focus on in our visit please indicate this to us even if you do not see a matching activity in our list of available activities.

2) Visit the Request a Visit page and insert the required information for the visit to be arranged, such as dates and times as well as the topic area of the activity you would like.

3) We will get in contact with you and introduce volunteers that have expressed interest in visiting your classroom 1-2 weeks before the visit.

We look forward to helping you enrich your science classes with engaging, hands-on activities!