Let's Talk Science - University of Toronto (St. George)

Let's Talk Science

Let’s Talk Science is a national charitable organization committed to building youth interest and engagement in science, engineering and technology. It is run out of over 50 university and college campuses across the country. At the U of T St. George site, we mobilize graduate student volunteers studying science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to do hands-on/minds-on science activities with children and youth.


Due to COVID-19 all in-person outreach activities have been cancelled until further notice. Over the past year, Let’s Talk Science has been hard at work adapting our programming delivery approach to meet the needs of educators, caregivers and youth. Please visit our national website for our online programming and resources. If you are interested in a virtual classroom visit or would like to know more about the virtual activities offered at this site please email lts.stgeorge@gmail.com

Site Milestones

2021 - 2022
  • Youth reached by volunteers.

  • Hours of preparation & presentation.

  • facilitated activities

  • of Youth indicated an increased desire to study STEM after high school or have a STEM career

Site Coordinators

Nader Allam

Classroom Outreach and Communication

Sandhya Mylabathula

Large Events and Partnerships

Swapna Mylabathula

Classroom Outreach & First Nations Programming Partnership

Jennifer Kieda

Finance, Operations, & Large Events


Faculty Advisor – Jason Harlow
(Department of Physics)

Olivia Chan
Yonatan Lipsitz