September 28, 2018

Request a Visit

If you are interested in having our volunteers visit your classroom or youth group, please complete the online form below.

We ask that each educator make one classroom visit request at a time in order to allow an equal division of our volunteers. While we try and accommodate as many requests as possible, please note that we receive a high volume of requests. Some requests may therefore not be fulfilled. 

Update: Due to a higher volume of requests than usual, we are currently unable to accept additional classroom visit requests. If you are interested in requesting Outreach activities for community groups outside of regular school hours (e.g. evenings or weekends), please email us at to inquire about availability or with any questions or concerns.

In the meantime, here are some of the other ways you and educators at your school can take part in Let’s Talk Science programs

  1. Online Resources

Let’s Talk Science online includes an easy-to-access database of STEM resources, designed for teachers! The website is available in both English ( and French ( and includes hands-on activities, articles, videos, career profiles and more

2. Projects

Let’s Talk Science offers a variety of science experiments that take place nation-wide. Through hands-on experiments, youth learn real science and build inquiry and problem-solving skills. Tomatosphere™ is one such project offered every year. Other recent and current examples include:

  • Living Space, a project run in partnership with the Canadian Space Agency to help students explore how environmental variables such as carbon dioxide, humidity, and temperature influence human well-being;
  • and the Fish Market Survey, in which Senior biology students use DNA barcoding kits provided by Let’s Talk Science to test local grocery store fish samples and discover if the fish they bought are mislabelled.

3. Enrichment opportunities

  • Let’s Talk Science Challenge A team based competitive enrichment event offered for Grades 6-8 students by Let’s Talk Science Outreach volunteers across Canada. St. George Campus will host it’s next challenge in April-May 2020.
  • Other events on our site include Let’s Talk Cancer, StemCellTalks, Immunology Day, Physics Day and more

4. Professional Learning

  •  Is Digital Literacy an alien language to you? We can help! Let’s Talk Science has partnered with Fair Chance Learning to offer a suite of professional learning opportunities from coding, big data analysis, the Internet of Things (IoT) and more! Learn how to bring meaning to Digital Literacy in your classroom.