January 18, 2012


Please visit the official StemCellTalks website (http://outreach.letstalkscience.ca/stemcelltalks/toronto) for detailed information about the content and location of upcoming StemCellTalks events.

This 10th Annual StemCellTalks Symposium at the University of Toronto will be held on Friday, February 22nd, 2019 in at brand new location: Lee and Margaret Lau Auditorium at the Myhal Centre for Engineering Innovation (55 St. George Street)

This year’s symposium and will focus on Retinal Stem Cells with emphasis on Blindness.

Registration for the 2019 StemCellTalks Symposium is FULL!

2019 Event Details (for Confirmed Attendees): 10th Annual StemCellTalks Symposium – Event Details

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StemCellTalks is a free outreach initiative developed in partnership by the Stem Cell Network and Let’s Talk Science. StemCellTalks was established to facilitate knowledge transfer between academia and high school students pertaining to the science and practical ethics of stem cells. 

Our Mission –– to empower high school students to contemplate contemporary medical dilemmas that emerge in the field of stem cell biotechnology. To do this, we will provide basic knowledge of stem cell biology, encourage thought and discussion of practical ethics surrounding clinical trials and stem cell therapies, and facilitate the development of ethical frameworks in which to address new medical dilemmas.

StemCellTalks Symposium –– The full-day symposium is divided into two sessions.  Each session will begin with a formal presentation delivered by expert faculty from the Stem Cell Network.  This will be followed by breakout sessions where Let’s Talk Science volunteers will lead small groups of approximately seven high school students in discussion and through problem solving activities.

Science –– Introduction to stem cell biology and stem cells.  Students will lean the fundamental biology behind stem cells and the requisites for their use in medical treatments through a combination of conventional lectures, debate/panel discussion from leading stem cell scientists and small group discussions.

Practical Ethics –– Stem cell therapy clinical trials.  A discussion of the practical ethics regarding clinical trials and stem cell therapies will (1) reinforce concepts of stem cell science, (2) provide the opportunity to develop an ethical framework to be used for decision-making, and (3) expose high school students to novel and unconventional medical treatments that we may see in the future.

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